Joomla Less to Css Compiler Package

JProofLess is an Joomla enhancement for easy compiling less files into css files without using console or other Admin-unfriendly Stuff
In JProofLess used LessC Compilers are from leafo (thanks for the nice Work)

Note, the JProofless is not an Joomla owned core Extension


The JProofLess Package, named as pkg_jproofless, contains the Joomla System Plugin and the JProofLess Library

Joomla System Plugin

  • for Administrators
  • for Designers

The Joomla System Plugin is an User-Interface to configure existing Less Files into Css with a lot of automatic health checks.
The System Plugin needs to have installed the Library JProofLess.

Joomla Less Plugin Configuration

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  • Joomla Template Developers
  • Joomla Component Developers
  • Joomla Modules Developer

The Library is the working Horse.
Documentation & Examples

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