Joomla Less System Plugin

Note, the Plugin is not required for Joomla Module, Component, Plugin Developers. They can setup there Code with the JProfLess-Joomla-Library

Features JProofLess compiling plugin

  • The Plugin can write Less Files to Css files and set it automatically to the Joomla Document <jdoc:include type="head" />
    • You can config your custom Less Files
  • various count of less/css files
  • each process is independend controll/setup without coding
  • no console or other scripts needed to build less into css files
  • Joomla template designers can fast kick of an default css i.e for testing responsive designs
  • Joomla agencies can simply insert there company styles for backend without changing the adminstrator template
  • disable the language flag css (or other)


It is shipped as pkg wich including the Plugin an the required library.
  • Download the package from pkg_jproofless-
  • Or copy the url to install it into your joomla via url-installation
  • the library is right now full functional
  • if you need the plugin, go to plugins -> system -> jproofless
  • configure it like your whishes
  • don't forget to activate


The Compiler configuration gives you the ability to compile existing Less files into Custom Css files with own Filenames an perhaps, store it in an other directory.
  • You can write custom less files and store it somewhere
  • you can use the kickOffCss Method to prevent the "original" Css from loading. The PeaceMaker inserts into the JFactory::getDocument()->addStyleSheet('somwhere_other_location/custom.css') your Custom compiled Css File. So you must not touch the original component/Template ..what ever
  • Write you Company Less file for Backend an place it in Media-Folder(or an other place) with logos and images.
    • keep css also after Update from Components Modules and other Style Stuff
  • compiling strategies
    • target css is missing
    • changes detected on master-file directory
  • fast processing
  • slim plugin
  • Remove Css File once
    • while storing the Plugin, the target css file will be removed (if exists). During the storage, after the remove, the Plugin resets the "removeOnce" Parameter to null.
  • Css Url
    • relative: adds the stylesheet-url without the http:// or https://
    • absolute: adds the stylesheet-url https:// or http://
  • LessC Version
    • The LessC Version for rendering the css target file 99% you must not switch. So leave it or change it
  • rendering area
    • can be set to "site" or "administrator". The compile process only starts in the selected area(depends on build strategies if needed)
  • Less File
    • An existing Less File from your Joomla Insallation you choose as "Master" file
  • CssTargetDir
    • An List of Folders inside your Joomla they ends with css (it keeps the structure clear)
  • cssTargetFileName
    • The output name of the css file.
    • targetCssFile or targetCssFile.css are possible. JProofLess clears by it self to targetCssFile.css
  • (!) todo setCssMedia
    • Joomla media queries
  • (!) todo setCssAttribs
    • Joomla css attributes
  • (!) todo setCssVersion
  • Variables
    • If Change variables, check the Remove Css File once to get an effect
    • Variables currently stored in a textbox in INI Format or in JSON Mixed INI and JSON in the same Inputfield are not allowed
      • INI: KeyValue-Pair in an single Line VariablesName -> equal-Sign -> value -> return-button to get an new line for the next KeyValue-Pair
      • key=value
      • key=value
    • JSON format
      • Multidimension will be transformed to an single array
      • {"key1":"value1"}
      • {"key1":"value1","key2":"value2"}


the KickOffCss method is independent from the compiler. So you can only use the KickOffCss-feature without the Compiler

  • kickOffCss remove Css Files from Display
    • without changing original cssFiles
    • without changing other Extensions
    • without coding
    • simple remove